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Dark Rainforest Path

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Thru hiking on the Florida Trail

Florida National Scenic Trail unveils a realm where towering cypress trees cast long shadows over tranquil waters, To fully immerse oneself in this untamed wilderness, meticulous preparation is paramount. Before venturing into the embrace of the verdant swamp, hikers must meticulously assemble a comprehensive collection of essential gear. Sturdy hiking boots, designed to withstand the rigors of uneven terrain. Provide yourself with unwavering guidance and protection. This will provide a peace of mind in the face of unforeseen circumstances deep in the Florida's Everglades. Bravely embark on your trek through the boundless wonders of the Florida National Scenic Trail, forging an unforgettable connection with the heart of this Swampy untamed paradise.

We all need some preparation

Preparation for a thru-hike, a long-distance backpacking journey covering hundreds or thousands of miles, demands meticulous planning and comprehensive preparation. It begins with thorough research, carefully studying the trail's terrain, weather patterns, and resupply points. Fitness training is essential, gradually building endurance through extended hikes with a loaded backpack. Choosing the right gear is crucial, ensuring that every item serves a purpose and fits comfortably. Lightweight shelter, efficient cooking systems, and appropriate clothing are paramount. Food planning is equally important, balancing caloric intake with weight considerations. Trail etiquette and Leave No Trace principles guide hikers' behavior, minimizing their impact on the environment. Physical and mental resilience are vital, as thru-hikes test both the body and mind. Hikers must embrace the challenges, adapt to changing conditions, and develop the mental fortitude to persevere through adversity. Establishing a support network or a base camp, including family, friends, or online communities, provides motivation and a sense of camaraderie during the journey. By carefully preparing in all these aspects, hikers can increase their chances of completing a thru-hike safely, enjoyably, and with a profound sense of accomplishment.


The Florida Trail Association (FTA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building, maintaining, protecting, and promoting the Florida National Scenic Trail (Florida Trail) and a network of hiking trails throughout Florida. 


The FTA was founded in 1965 by James Kern, who envisioned a long-distance hiking trail that would traverse the length of Florida. The FTA has grown to over 10,000 members and volunteers and has helped build and maintain over 1,300 miles of track. The FTA also offers a variety of programs and services to hikers, including maps, guidebooks, shuttle services, and volunteer opportunities.

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